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Are you purchasing commercial or industrial property or having compliance issues?

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Phase I, II or III Environmental Assessments and Remediation City & County Government Land Use Water Quality Control Air Pollution Control


Phase I, II or III Environmental Assessments and Remediation

AssessmentsLending institutions frequently request an ASTM Phase I Environmental Assessment when financing commercial property. This report identifies past, present and potential releases of hazardous substances onto and off-site, using government records, interviews, and a property inspection. Call EAI for a free site specific price estimate.

City & County Government Land Use

Local GovernmentCounties and municipalities are responsible for implementing land use codes, specific to each community’s Master Plan. Land use occurs as permits requiring detailed application narrative, site plan, public meetings and formal public notice. Because EAI’s offices are in the small town of Cañon City, EAI understands the challenges and needs of rural communities.

  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Special Use Permits
  • Special Review Use Permits

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Water Quality Control Division

WaterThe CDPHE is responsible for implementing and enforcing US EPA water quality regulations that protect our national water quality. EAI’s in-house geo-chemist will guide you through water quality compliance requirements.

  • Storm water management plans and annual reports
  • Discharge permits, discharge monitoring
  • Potable water system compliance
  • Ground water remediation and research

  • Illicit discharge and spill report
  • Annual reports
  • Monitoring programs and field data collection
  • Geochemical Modeling – PHREEQC

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Air Pollution Control Division

AirAir quality compliance requires emission point permitting, compliance planning and field verification known as opacity reading. EAI can assist with all CDPHE requirements.

  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Emissions Inventory
  • Construction Permits

  • Opacity Reading
  • EPA TRI Reports
  • Operations & Maintenance Plans
  • Title V Permits